Woodcut Funhouse


I'm Sean Starwars and  I've been making woodcuts for over twenty years. I love it! . I'm the owner of the Woodcut Funhouse, which is my studio /print shop/retail space, located in historic downtown Laurel, Mississippi.I give about a dozen lectures or appearances at Universities  a year, and my work has been featured on book covers, album covers, product labels, magazines , TV and film. I'm also a proud member of the legendary  Outlaw Printmakers. Next time you're driving through , stop by for a minute and grab a cold Mountain Dew, or sit down while and have a cup of coffee with my wife Julie.Your kids can play with the five of mine and they can draw  on my chalkboard wall or watch as we print up a shirt  as you wait! This is where you can purchase handmade woodcut prints, t-shirts, and stickers directly from me.Thanks for stopping by, every print or shirt you buy from me gets me one step closer to my ultimate goal of staying home with my family and making woodcuts all day long! I could never thank you enough.